New Products

Whether you are looking for a new product we can manufacture for you, or simply a new product we offer, look here first.

  • EM42 Compound Chest Magnet (3/8")

    EM42 Compound Chest Magnet (3/8
    Klann has reintroduced our compound magnet to replace the EM41 compound magnet used in the Midmer Losh pipe organ at the Atlantic City Convention Center. It has a 180 ohm coil and is 2 7/8" long by 1 5/16" wide. Different sizes may be available in the future.
  • Console Clocks

    Console Clocks
    We now have available front mounting console clocks. They are battery operated and available in two sizes - 2 ½" and 1 7/16" .The 2 ½" version requires a 2 3/8" hole that is ½" deep and has a front setting alarm. The 1 7/16" version requires a 1 3/8" hole that is ¼" deep. Other sizes may soon be made available.
  • Custom Music Racks

    Custom Music Racks
    Keep in mind we can build custom music racks in almost any configuration you desire. The one on the left was for a customer who wanted glass, but they also had to have a way to drill holes in the back for mounting to a console lid. The one on the right was for a customer looking for an extra long (40") rack with a solid back and no light.